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Playful Airshows

Adam is an award wining pilot that discovered his passion for flying while in college. He has flown for the airlines, charter companies and corporate flight departments. His competition background gave him the discipline and structure to help him progress in airshow flying. His show can be described as crisp maneuvering with heart-pounding, gyroscopic freestyle fun!

Skip Stewart

As the recipient of the 2013 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship and the 2015 Art Scholl Award, Skip Stewart has proven to be one of the most entertaining Airshow pilots in the world today. With over ten thousand hours of flying experience, being an Airline Transport Pilot, Boeing 727, and MD-11 Captain, a Certified Flight Instructor, having owned and operated an aerobatic flight school, earned Gold Medals in regional aerobatic competitions, served as Chief Pilot for a Fortune 100 company and with more than fourteen years entertaining airshow fans around the World, Skip feels comfortable saying that he is one of the very best in the business today. Skip's flying has been featured in magazines that include Plane & Pilot, Smithsonian Air & Space, AOPA, Sports Illustrated, World Airshow News, Auto Pilot, as well as in multiple other domestic and international publications. Skip Stewart is the first pilot to fly an airplane under a jumping motorcycle at an Airshow and he also flies with several other pilots forming shows such as the renowned TinStix of Dynamite Act.


Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

The AeroShell Aerobatic Team is a familiar name in air show lineups, having performed in the industry for more than 25 years. Alan Henley founded the team after meeting Steve Gustafson at an air show in Mississippi and flew with the team until 2008, when a non aviation-related accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. Now his twin brother Mark Henley, team lead; Bryan Regan, right wing; Steve Gustafson, left wing; and Gene McNeely, slot; perform a series of loops, rolls, and bomb bursts in close formation for a classic aerobatic routine. The T-6, nicknamed “The Pilot Maker,” was originally introduced as a basic trainer for the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1938.


September 8, 2018gates open at 10am​, show starts at 1pm

Night gates open at 7pm, night show starts at 8pm

No pets or outside coolers, no skateboards or hoverboards

Shockwave Jet truck


Shockwave is a custom built race truck equipped with 3 huge J34-48 Pratt & Whitney Jet Engines originally out of the USA Navy T2 Buckeye. The combined horsepower is 36,000! These 3 Jet Engines make a total of 21,000 lbs of thrust which easily propels this truck to speeds over 350 mph while racing planes at air shows all over North America! Shockwave is not only the most powerful truck in the world, it also hold the record speed for Semi Trucks at 376 mph! As one of the most popular air show and drag racing exhibition vehicles in the world, the Shockwave performance is not something you will soon forget! This is truly an assault of all of your senses with huge flames coming out of the 3 after burning jet engines, fire shooting out of the smoke stacks, intense heat, deafening noise, and SPEED! Shockwave is owned by Darnell Racing Enterprises, Inc based in Springfield, MO and driven by Chris Darnell.