"Through the activities of an air show encourage a sense of community and demonstrate to people of all ages the educational benefits of aviation”


  • Ronda Maxwell          

Executive Committee-President  & Executive Director

  •  Bill Lyddon                      

Executive Committee-Vice President & Aviation Advisor

  •  Jennifer Lyddon         

Executive Committee-Secretary/Treasurer & Media Coordinator

  • Nathan Lyddon                   

Committee Member-Ramp Boss

  • Jami McBride

Committee Member-Skydiving Coordinator

  •  Gary Dearing                      

Committee Member-Volunteer Coordinator

  • TG Etgen                      

 Commitee Member- Assistant Ramp Boss

  • Jim Garcia

Committee Member-Gate Coordinator

  • Mike Brack

Committee Member-Parking Coordinator

  • John Smith                    

Committee Member-Volunteer 

  • Sue Smith                         

Committee Member-Volunteer

  • Earl Watt                          

 Committee Member-Press

  • Debbie Giskie     

Committee Member-Airport Manager

  • Sarah Thompson                   

Committee Member-Mid America Air Museum

  • Nancy Parsons                        

Committee Member-Advertising Sales

  • Don Parsons

Committee Member-Volunteer

  • Melinda Baker      

Committee Member-Kid Zone Coordinator

  • Mike Carlile

​Air Boss

  • John Humble

Assistant Air Boss

  • Dick Baker

​Smoke Oil/Radios

  • Cindi Lyddon

​​Advertising Sales

Mission Statement

Air Fair Committee